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Suffering from joint pain trauma?

Causes – Arthritis, MCL/ACL trauma, sports injuries, bursitis and such?
Stop taking Opioids and try a proven non-invasive NASA laser therapy which is approved by the FDA.

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How it works

Wear it and turn it on. It’s that simple!

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What people think

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Applied for Regulatory 510K Clearance

Safe for HOME use

Launching our PR campaign shortly!

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Say NO to Opioids

Non-invasive joint-pain treaments at home

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Vitals Monitoring

Track your vitals (BP, Temp, Etc.) on your phone/tablet

Have peace-of-mind about your loved ones

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Uber Convenient

Save Time & Money.Don’t wait, treat your pain when you feel it at home

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Best Efficacy

Due to the laser positioning using acupuncture principles, best efficacious dosage provided to treatment area for best outcomes.

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The Cloud

Have it available in the cloud as historic data for better outcomes.



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Proven NASA LLLT Science

Currently used at Clinics and laser pain centers.

Proven Increase in ATP Production

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Flexible Installment Pricing

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Free Return Shipping
Free Mobile and Cloud for 1 Year