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Welcome to Wellwrap.

The WellWrap Therapy line leads the way in innovative home therapy solutions to treat pain related to various medical conditions using energy-based devices.

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” – Jim Rohn

We are proud to introduce WellWrap for the knee – a no drugs, no surgery FDA Registered medical device that is effective and easy to use from the comfort of your home or office.*

Wellwrap – The off switch for knee pain (our first product)- Awesome Electronic on-the-go Orthopedic Wrap for joint pain relief using proven NASA LLLT (Low Level Laser Therapy) science!



At Wellwrap we’ve developed a full range of high end professional technologies, packaged inside orthopedic wraps for best efficacy and made it affordable, designed for safe home use.

WellWrap: A Natural Way to Manage Knee Pain… In a world marked by a growing opioid addiction epidemic, WellWrap is an all-natural solution to debilitating knee and joint pain. As a wearable orthopedic joint relief wrap that relies on NASA’s Low Level Laser Technology (LLLT), as well as acupuncture principles to offer a fast, simple, and highly effective solution, WellWrap is an opioid alternative everyone should be considering.

Why WellWrap? The WellWrap is a noninvasive NASA LLLT solution that treats all joint pain, right from home. Whether you’re on the go, relaxing from work, or looking for pain relief while you sleep, this smart wrap is able to keep up with you and your schedule, administering laser technology that helps you work through the pain.

WellWrap Benefits:

  • • Treats various medical conditions*
  • • Fights pain*
  • • Accelerates the healing process*
  • • Treats chronic pain*

WellWrap FDA Registered – Safe for hone use… Using NASA’s LLT technology, clinics, physical therapists, and scientists are benefiting from the acupuncture composition for total results. We are also pursuing additional FDA certifications…, rest assured you’re investing in the integrity of your body.

A team of experts in bio-med and engineering, who previously developed some of the most widely used energy-based technologies and platforms for medical professionals, came together to take these technologies to the next level, and adjust them for home-use.
My parents have knee pain and is the reason we started this project… We are currently in prototype stage and need your help to bring this product to market. We sincerely believe this will help a lot of people

Share the Good News.. Don’t keep it a secret. Even if you’re pain-free, consider this product for a loved one as the start of a new life. Share the word on social media, through email, or just a friendly text.

Thanks so much in advance…We believe in you!