“And the truth shall set you free.” The Bible, John 8:32.

“Data” “Data” and more “Data” is the only true information that provides insights into your health. Wellwrap through its patent-pending wrap with mobile / cloud technology is the only medical device for joint pain relief that captures data via the wrap with health sensors. And makes it available to loved ones and doctors for better patient outcomes.

Vitals Monitoring

Track your vitals (BP, Temp, Etc.) on your phone/tablet

Have peace-of-mind about your loved ones

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Patients can capture their pain data and vitals data such as Blood Pressure, Body Temperature, Pulse, etc., from the knee-wrap via Bluetooth, and drug- use data from their mobile phone.

So go ahead and buy it for your loved ones to not only get pain relief and avoid opioids but also to start building their personal historical datasets, which will become invaluable over time.

Get your life back!